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Budokon Yoga & Mobility For MMA with Sensei Donato & Kevin

In this workshop, led by Budokon University's highest ranking teacher, will be an exploration of his 12+ years of personal practice and teaching this beautiful mixed movement art, while touring the world and training directly under the creator of our system, Cameron Shayne. We will be going over material from the Budokon Yoga Primary and Second Series, as well as some of the latest developments in our newest practice focus, Budokon Mobility (and, yes, animal movement!), all with the focus of improving your MMA game... and life.

Don't miss the opportunity of getting together with the budokon crew and training with Donato. He is a highly technical teacher, which will get you to breakthrough any limits in your practice, with his approachable and fun style. You will learn, and laugh A LOT!